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Mult.Con ø0.6-0.8W 24VDC LED PLT-10ID722123541000
PLT-10 722123541000
Weight: 13.524 GRM

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PLT-10 722123541000

EAN code: 8024986848410
Short description: Mult.Con ø0.6-0.8W 24VDC LED PLT-10
Quantity per package: 0
Minimum order quantity: 0
Unit of measure: items
Fam 1094  
Flow-rate at 6 bar DP 1 bar (Nl/min) 0009  
Fluid Lubricated or unlubricated filtered air  
Insertion time 100% ED  
Insulation class F 155  
Max drive frequency (Hz) 30  
Max input pressure (bar) 007  
Max temperature (°C) 50  
Min input pressure (bar) 03  
Min temperature (°C) 05  
Power 0.8 W  
Product serial Solenoid valves series PLT-10  
Protection degree IP 51  
Time (Cycles) Over 50 million  
Tipo Multiple electric connection  
Voltage range in DC (VDC) 24  
Voltage tolerance ±10%  
Way scheme 3/2 NC and NO